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Harbour Studios
Harbour Studios
Harbour Studios

What is Harbour Studios?

Harbour Studios is a thriving coworking space – an extension of your home and designed to foster connection and enhance productivity. Perfectly located on the Torquay harbourside, Harbour Studios provides community, culture and creativity to your worklife. Now more than ever, you have the flexibility to work anywhere in the world. But you can choose to work here at Harbour Studios.

When are you opening?

Harbour Studios is a Covid-safe workspace. We will open up the moment that government guidance permits office working (June 2021)

Who works at Harbour Studios? What are the people like?

Friendly professionals connected by a shared love of the bay, a good work life balance who enjoy being with like minded people.

Join software engineers, a medical writer, web designer, yacht broker, interior designer, logistics professionals, graphic designers and marketers.

What business services can I expect?

Desk full-time or occassionally

After a year cooped up in a home office, you will love the large desks at Harbour Studios. Here you will enjoy unlimited high-speed wifi, access to printer services, storage for stationary, plus fridge space and lashings of hot tea and coffee.

Meeting rooms

You need inspiration for your big meetings and presentations. We have big conference tables, and Harbour Studios meeting rooms are fully equipped with 4K video screens, speakers, A/V capability for every use. Tea and coffee are provided from the kitchen, and generous sandwich and snack platters can be ordered in from local cafes and restaurants.

Business address

Your professional presence matters – to clients, colleagues and suppliers. The Harbour Studios Business Address service provides signed-for parcels, post and storage, protecting your privacy and enhancing your business reputation.

How can I get started?

Get in touch and tell us what works for you. Part time office? Team meeting space? Occasional desk? Anytime access? We can prepare a few costed options specifcally for you.

Not sure what we can offer?

Make an appointment for a guided tour and ask as many questions as you like.

01803 295 959

Harbour Studios is the new way to work, live and play in Torbay.

Launching 2021.

Harbour Studios